The Best Instagram Spots in Halifax

Last Updated on January 22, 2022

Halifax is the perfect city for photography. There are lots of beautiful well known photo spots throughout the city and even more yet to be discovered. From street art to rows of colourful houses, unique restaurant decor, harbour views and more.  This is the best list for the most instagrammable places in Halifax.

The Best Instagram Spots In Halifax

Downtown Halifax Landmarks


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The Halifax Central Library

Opened in December 2014 the Halifax Central library was built by both Halifax and Danish architects. Located on the corner of Queen Street and Spring Garden Road the building is made to look like a cantilevered stack of books. The best location to get a picture of the library is across the street on Spring Garden road. The building is beautiful inside as well. Take the elevator to at least the third floor and look down into the atrium in the middle of the building over crisscrossing stairs and pathways. On the 5th floor of the building visit the area known as the living room. Here you will have great views overlooking the city and can find unique picture opportunities with the books and large glass windows.


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Agricola Street

Agricola street and the north end of Halifax are home to lots of colourful buildings. The most instagrammble buildings in Halifax can be found here on the corner of Agricola and Willow street. Lined up in a row you will find a rainbow of salmon, yellow, blue and dark purple coloured houses. While you are in the neighbourhood go for a stroll around to see the other colourful homes and unique buildings. Stop into Unchained Cider or the Agricola Street Brasserie for some great instagrammable restaurants too.


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The Seaport Farmers Market

Markets are always a great place for instagram photos. The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is open 6-7 days a week depending on the time of year. However the busiest day for the market is on Saturdays. Visit and take photos of tasty local fruits and vegetables, grab some shots of delicious breakfast burritos or lobster rolls or even take a unique photo with the living plant wall. Then head outside on the second floors small balcony located at the back left corner for a great view of the harbour and George’s Island. For an even better view head to the rooftop where you will find the living roof, and a much wider view of the harbour.

halifax marriott harbourfront hotel halifax mural

Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel

Walk along the waterfront boardwalk in front of the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront hotel. Here you will find a big Canada sign and a big piece of street art with Halifax written on it. Further down there are pieces of street art that change every couple of months lining the board walk. This is also a great spot to grab a cow’s ice cream and get some fun summer ice cream shots. Along the water there is also a row of colourful Adirondack chairs that are extremely photogenic.


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Halifax Public Gardens

The Halifax Public Gardens are Victorian gardens that date back to 1867 and are one of the best photoshoot locations in Halifax. In the summer months the gardens are very beautiful with everything in bloom. This is an extremely popular spot for wedding photos and prom photos making it one of the most instagrammable places in Halifax. There are so many things to take pictures of in the public gardens and it is more than just flowers. From old trees, to unique plants that you wouldn’t expect to be growing there like agave, there are water fountains, statues, bridges, lots of ducks and more. There is even a small version of the Titanic floating in the pond in the summer months.

The Public Gardens are also a great place to get some fun picnic photos or grab an ice cream from the canteen in the summer. The gardens are now also open in the winter and the treelined pathways are gorgeous for photos after a fresh snow fall.


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The Halifax Dartmouth Ferry

The Halifax to Dartmouth ferry is the cheapest tour of the Halifax harbour that you can get. A ride on the ferry costs just $2.75 round trip as long as you ask for a transfer when you pay to use for your way back. When you board the ferry head to the top deck for the best views of Halifax and Dartmouth. Without a doubt riding the ferry is the best place for getting a great view of the Halifax skyline. The ferry is also a great spot to grab sunset photos if you time it right.  It is also a great spot to view the Canada Day fireworks from in the summertime. If you are looking for a bit of a different view you can also take the ferry from Halifax to Woodside which will also get you closer to George’s island in the middle of the harbour.

a flight of beer at the Battery Park Beer Bar and Eatery

Downtown Dartmouth

Once you take the ferry to Dartmouth wander around downtown Dartmouth for some great instagram pictures. Visit one of the many local breweries or cideries, like New Scotland Brewing, Lake City Cider or Battery Park BeerBar. Check out the street art on Canal Street or on the corner of Prince and Portland St.. Also enjoy the stunning views across the harbour of the Halifax skyline perhaps while enjoy a drink at the Wooden Monkey beer garden.

A bustly halifax waterfront boardwalk full of boats and people on a sunny day

The Halifax Waterfront

The Halifax waterfront boardwalk is the longest continuous waterfront boardwalk in North America. In the summer months there are always things going on along the Halifax waterfront. Whether it’s the Buskers Festival or a fair grounds set up, the Jazz Festival or Oyster Fest there are always fun things to see, do and photograph. Along the waterfront you will also find some interesting art that can be fun to do a photo shoot with. There are drunken lamp posts, and a huge wave. There are also bright orange hammocks for public use and a large floating dock that acts as a sidewalk so visitors can walk right on the harbour.


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Historic Properties

The Historic Properties are a grouping of buildings at the north end of the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. If their name didn’t give it away they are home to some of the oldest buildings in the city including the home of the first bank in Nova Scotia. The buildings have new shops and restaurants in them today but their exteriors remain quite similar to how they originally looked in the 17 and 1800s. Today the Historic Properties are frequently the backdrop for wedding photographs and are filled with great spots for instagram pictures. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime it is always a place to grab a great photo.

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Tufts Cove Smoke Stacks

The iconic red and white Tufts Cove smoke stacks make up the unique skyline of the city. They are ugly, yet beautiful and are also hard to get a good photo of. If you are a passenger in a car on the McKay bridge heading from Halifax to Dartmouth you can get some great pictures of them. But the speed limit is 70km and you are not allowed to stop on the bridge. However if you time it just right in the winter months with rush hour you might have the opportunity to get stopped in traffic at the perfect moment to get a beautiful photo of them with the sunset.

You can also attempt to drive around Dartmouth near them or parts of the Halifax dockyards that are open to public to get a great shot. Better yet hire a boat and have someone drive up to them in the harbour to get a better picture, just watch out for the container ships.


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The Halifax Bridges

Halifax has two bridges crossing over the harbour to Dartmouth. The older smaller Angus L. “McDonald” bridge and the larger “newer” (opened in the 70’s) bridge the A. Murray “McKay”. They are both pretty to drive over especially on a summers day around July 1st when they have a huge Canadian flag hanging from the towers. You can only drive across the McKay bridge but you can walk across the McDonald so there are a bunch of opportunities for bridge photos from the pedway. The views of the harbour however are a bit obstructed by the fencing and you can only walk on one side as the other side is for bicycles only.

78th highlander soldier stands guard at the halifax citadel national historic site Best Instagram Spots in Halifax

Citadel Hill

Citadel Hill is located in the middle of downtown Halifax. This National Historic site is home to Fort George which has stood on this hill in various forms dating back to 1749. From May to October visit the fort and see the 78th Highlander re-enactors walking around in their ostrich feather hats, red coats and kilts. The Highlanders make for some great pictures. The fort itself has great view points for pictures as well as great backdrops. This is also a popular spot for wedding photos. Each day of the year they also fire off a cannon at 12noon which can make for a great photo.

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Citadel Hill isn’t just a fortress though, it is also part of the Halifax commons. The whole hill is covered in grass and in the summer months is a great place to lay out in the sun or enjoy a picnic. There are also often concerts and festivals taking place on the Garrison Grounds, the hills natural amphitheatre and even a kite festival. On the hill you will also find the town clock which is an iconic symbol of the city.


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Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park is a great place to getaway into the wilderness while still being in the city. There are multiple walking paths through the 75 hectare park perfect for pictures especially in the fall when the trees are in full bloom and changing colours. This is also a hot spot for seeing adorable dogs, so get your cameras ready for all of the puppy love.

The park boarders on the harbour and Northwest Arm so you can get some great ocean views and pictures of boats coming and going. Black Rock beach near the entrance of the park is also one of the only beaches in the city. On foggy days the beach is perfect for some great moody weather shots.


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North West Arm

The North West Arm is an inlet off of  the Halifax Harbour bordering the south end of the city and the neighbourhood of Armdale. There are several great spots for photo opportunities along the arm. Horseshoe Island off of Quinpool road can give you cool views looking down the arm especially if there are sail boats or kayakers around. Also located along the arm is Sir Sandford Fleming park, another great forested area in the city. In the park you will find the Memorial Tour (known locally as theDingle tower). Standing 10 stories high you can climb to the top of the Dingle Tower in the summer for epic views over the arm and the south end of the city. Not a fan of heights? At the base of the tower it is also flanked by two large bronze lions that make for great pictures too.

a selfie with theodore tugboat too one of the best instagram spots in halifax nova scotia

Theodore Tugboat Too

“Theodore is a tugboat and a friendly tugboat too…” and one of the best instagram spots in Halifax. From the popular kids TV show of the 90s Theodore Too is a life sized replica of Theodore Tugboat from the show of the same name. In the summer months Theodore Too can be found on the Halifax waterfront between the ferry terminal and Murphy’s on the Water restaurant and gift shop. Theodore Too is available for family friendly tours of the big harbour which are great for little kids. While docked you can also get the best selfies with Theodore Tugboat.

beer tastings at the alexander keiths brewery tour halifax

Alexander Keiths Brewery Tour

The best brewery tour in Halifax is at the Alexander Keith’s Brewery where they have been brewing beer since 1826. Located in the Brewery Market which is a popular spot for wedding photos and home to a cute market on Saturdays. Visit to learn all about Alexander Keith’s IPA beer and their new craft beers and learn about their history. Get a tour of the brewing room with the brass kettles and enjoy a song and dance in the old pub while enjoying a drink. There are lots of photo opportunities along the way. If you don’t have time for a tour you can still visit to take pictures, grab one with the wooden carving of Alexander himself or enjoy a drink in the Red Stag pub next door.



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Peggy’s Cove

Located in Halifax but a 45min drive from downtown, Peggy’s Cove is a must see destination for instagram pictures in Halifax. Have you even visited Nova Scotia if you don’t get a photo with the iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse? However Peggy’s Cove is full of more than just one great photo spot.

Climb the rocks on the far side of the lighthouse for pictures of huge waves on windy days. (Remember to always stay off of the black rocks.) Wander around the wharves and fishing shacks in the cove (but remember this is a working fishing village and don’t trespass). Pose with the purple wall on the side of Bubba Magoos. Get a picture of a lobster at the Peggy’s Cove Lobster U-cook and enjoy a lobster roll. Grab an ice cream from DeeDees. Or take a boat tour of Peggy’s Cove and pull up a lobster trap for even more great instagram shots.

The Best Halifax Street Art


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The Freak Lunchbox Candy And Fish Mural

One of the most vibrant pieces of street art in Halifax is on the side of the Freak Lunchbox candy store. Located on Barrington street it is best seen from the corner of Barrington and George street. The mural overlooks a parking lot so it is in the perfect position for you to get as close or as far away as you want and it is high enough so that it is not blocked by cars. The mural features an octopus and fish in a fight with a blue heron with candy surrounding them. It is extremely vibrant and beautiful and is one of the best photo spots in Halifax. The mural was created by Montreal artist Jason Botkin.

Bonus: After you grab your pictures you can relive your childhood inside the Freak Lunchbox Candy store that has every candy imaginable.

Rumor has it that a building is going to be built in this parking lot soon so see it while you can! The fate of this mural is yet to be determined.

weird gottigen street street art graffiti

Gottingen Street Mural

Located on Gottingen street on the side of the Halifax Backpackers hostel is quite the interesting piece of street art. Created by artists and Troy_lovegates it’s pretty weird and hard to describe. It’s like an old man in a colourful mask wearing a dress next to a weird monster/man? It’s odd, but if that is your thing you could get some cool pictures with it. Conveniently it is also located over a parking lot so you can get good angles of it.


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Roman Goddess of Victory Mural

This beautiful piece of street art is located on the side of the Connections Halifax building at the corner of South and Barrington Streets. This mural was created by artist PrinceFuze as part of the Downtown Halifax Gritty to Pretty campaign which brings a little more colour and art to the streets of Halifax. The mural is of Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Victory. Painted in beautiful shades of pink and purple it really stands out even on a gloomy rainy day.

graffiti street art on blowers street by bobo and chichi

image credit

Blowers Street Murals

There is an alley way on Blowers street where it meets the end of Argyle street that is always full of street art and graffiti. Covered in colourful paintings on each side you can get some great shots of the art here with some unique street scene perspectives as well as the spire of the St. Mary’s Basilica in the background. The current pieces are works of art by Alex Mbugua Thuku and feature colourful murals of lemurs and other things.

greetings from dartmouth city of lakes sign on portland street

Street Art & Graffiti Around Halifax

Street art and graffiti can be found all over the city. Other great spots include the Lower Water mural on Lower Water Street across from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Located just next to it and commissioned by the Halifax Distilling Co. and also part of the Gritty to Pretty campaign is the “Spirit of a Legend” mural.

In downtown Dartmouth on the corner of Prince and Portland St. there is a huge mural of a girl on the side of a building. Across the street in an alley you can find a charming “Greetings from Dartmouth” sign by artist @TalkingWall. Another great spot in Dartmouth is on Canal St. by the farmers market.

Along the Halifax waterfront in the Salt Yard there is a mural on a building with lots of octopus too. Lastly one of the most recent street art campaigns in the city was the “Mulgrave paint the park” series where artists were brought in to create unique pieces of art in an area of town that could use a little love.

The Best Halifax Instagram Food Spots


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The Halifax Dairy Bar

The Dairy bar on South Park street is part of the Stillwell Beer garden. Open in the summer months they serve delicious ice cream treats that make for great pictures. They always have vanilla with an alternating new flavour each week like Mexican chocolate, black caramel, graham cracker or numerous other unique flavour options. You can get your ice cream as a cone or twist cone or even a sundae. The salted caramel crunch sundae is to die for and also very photogenic. They also have cute tiny ice creams for dogs. Stop by to grab a delicious ice cream, get sprinkles for extra flair and take a picture by their Live Laugh Lick sign. Then while you are there enjoy a drink or two in the StillWell Beer garden too.

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a box of six crazy doughnuts from Fortune Doughnut

Try A Fortune Doughnut

Over the past couple of years fancy doughnut shops have been popping up in Halifax. One of the best, most colourful and funky doughnut shops is Fortune Doughnut on Gottingen Street. The interior is brightly decorated with all things doughnuts and cats making it one of the most instagrammable spots in Halifax. Open seven days a week, they have their classic doughnuts daily and then make new delicious creations each day. Their doughnuts are colourful, unique and highly sought after. The earlier you get there the better. They open at 8am and update their instagram everyday with their newest creations.

cool wall art at the mercantile social restaurant in downtown Halifax

The Mercantile Social Restaurant

The Mercantile Social is one of the most interestingly decorated restaurants in the city.  Literally from the floor to the ceiling there is art and things to look at everywhere. At the front of the restaurant there is a private dining area that often isn’t used but is the perfect spot for photos. On one wall there is a huge golden rhino head mounted above a fire place and on another a large hand painted mural of a fisherman with a surfboard in the ocean by a lighthouse. The photo opportunities here are endless and they have great food and drinks too.

the stubborn goat beer garden on the Halifax waterfront Best Instagram Spots in Halifax

The Stubborn Goat Beer Garden

The most popular beer garden in the city is the Stubborn Goat Beer Garden located on the waterfront. Recently redone in the past year the large beer garden has epic views of the harbour. The beer garden was built partially with shipping containers that have seating areas on top of them with even better views overlooking the rest of the beer garden and harbour. They serve delicious local food and drinks and as the sunset strings of light light up the area for a great instagram pic.

a crazy kitkat nutella milkshake from fun and shakes dairy bar in Halifax

Fun And Shakes Crazy Milkshakes

Fun and Shakes is located at the back of Flynn’s Dairy Bar and Convenience on the corner of Hollis and Bishop Street. They are home to crazy milkshakes filled to the brim with over the top decorations. There is a Strawberry unicorn milkshake, a KitKat milkshake and even one with a piece of cheesecake on the top. They also say that they can make a milk shake with basically anything that you can buy in the store. So imagine a Doritos milkshake, that would be crazy. The milkshakes are delicious but with all of the toppings melt quickly so you might not make it far with them but you can definitely sit there and enjoy this crazy and tasty treat.

the salt yard food kiosks on the Halifax waterfront the best instagram spots in Halifax

The Salt Yard

Located along the Halifax waterfront next to the Stubborn Goat Beer Garden is an outdoor food court area known as the Salt Yard. Open in the summer months the Salt Yard is full of colourful shacks serving up lots of great things to eat. This is the perfect spot to grab food on the go and sample some Canadian favourites. You can get everything from lobster rolls to Cow’s Ice Cream, Beaver Tails, poutine, pizza and more.

the oxford taproom on Quinpool road by Garrison Brewing best instagram spots in Halifax

The Oxford Taproom

One of the newest places to grab a drink in the city is the Oxford Taproom on Quinpool road. Located in part of what use to be the iconic Oxford movie theater, the decor is movie theatre themed, they serve popcorn and have on tap every beer and cider imaginable from Garrison Brewing. The Oxford Taproom is also dog friendly so you never know what good boy you might meet there. The taproom also features a beer store to go and gift shop.

chkn chop korean style chicken burger Best Instagram Spots in Halifax

CHKN chop

CHKN Chop serves up delicious Portuguese style roasted chicken and sandwiches. Each week they feature various specials that are extremely delicious. Owned by the same people as Jane’s To Go and Edna (home to one of the best brunches in the city) they are known for their delectable food. Their chicken sandwiches served with a huge pile of seasoned fries are extremely photogenic. That is if you aren’t tempted to just immediately eat them when they arrive at your table.


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Bar Kismet

People often rave about the food at Bar Kismet and in particular the Ahi Tuna Tartare. This small family owned restaurant in the North End of the city is a popular spot for hipsters and food lovers. Be sure to check out the bathrooms for the beautiful vintage wallpaper and mirrors too.

chicken burger antique cars mural in bedford nova scotia

The Chicken Burger

Located in the Bedford area of Halifax the Chicken Burger is a 50’s style diner serving up chicken burgers, fish and chips, hot dogs, milk shakes and more. The Chicken Burger has been operating for 80 years now still using their same chicken burger recipe today. Their high quality diner food and Juke Box make for great photos. As does the painted shipping container in the parking lot featuring colourful vintage cars and Elvis. In the summer months they have a great outdoor picnic area and delicious ice cream shop too.

lobster roll from the canteen in Dartmouth Best Instagram Spots in Halifax

Pizza, lobster rolls, Crepes and more

Downtown Dartmouth has a bunch of great places to eat with some instagram worthy food. Go to the Portland Street Creperie for a sweet or savoury crepe or a bubble waffle with ice cream that are sometimes unicorn themed. Grab a great pic with one of them in the parking lot next door with the Greetings from Dartmouth mural.

The Canteen down the street is a great restaurant with delicious food. One of it’s most popular food items is their photogenic lobster roll. Make sure to call ahead to confirm they have lobster before going. They also have a lot of other great things to eat too.

A couple streets over is Yeah Yeahs Pizza who serve up some of the best pizzas in the city. This is the kind of pizza with pepperoni that curls up on the sides creating delicious little grease pockets of love. Grab a slice to go or a whole pie for some tasty pictures.


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The Best Halifax Cafe Instagram Spots

Halifax is full of cafes on every corner so you can definitely get your latte art picture fix. The Glitter Bean Cafe might serve up the most colourful drinks of any cafe in the city. They will make you rainbow lattes of various colours with a dash of edible glitter. Another instagrammable cafe is a Japanese cafe called Cafe Taiyaki 52. The cafe serves numerous drinks and delicious Taiyaki which are fish shaped pastries filled with red bean paste, nutella, or lemon curd and other great fillings. You can also have them filled with ice cream.

Rousseau Chocolatier is a cafe but more importantly a delicious chocolate shop. They make unique chocolate creations for every occasion and always have colourful macarons, truffles and chocolates that look like lobsters. Be sure to grab a dipped ice cream cone in the summer months.

If you are looking for a fancy premium cafe that serves coffee numerous different ways then visit Boxcar Social. Their baristas are basically coffee scientists / wizards and will pour you the perfect cup every time. They also do other drinks and turn into a causal bar at night with great food, beer and wine.


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The Best Instagrammable Beaches

With over 13,300kms of coastline in Nova Scotia there are a lot of gorgeous beaches to be discovered. Black Rock Beach at Point Pleasant Park is one of a few beaches located in downtown Halifax. But there are many others just a short drive away from downtown Halifax that you must visit.

Located a little less than an hours drive from the city (still technically in Halifax) on the east coast is Martinique Beach. Stretching for 5kms it is the longest sandy beach in the province. The beach is gorgeous although the water can be freezing. Martinique beach is also a great spot to get photos of surfers.

Located a bit closer to the city is Lawrencetown Beach, you can also find a lot of surfers here and even give it a try for yourself. This is also a great spot to see kite surfers.

If you need one more beach fix head south of downtown to Crystal Crescent Beach. The beach is made up of three white sand beaches and a park area with great hiking trails. Be warned one of the beaches is used for nudists and the water can be quite cold.

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