Lobster Trap Christmas Trees in Nova Scotia

Last Updated on December 18, 2023

Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia is the Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World and Barrington, Nova Scotia is the Lobster Capital of Canada. Combine those two items of note together and you get lobster trap Christmas trees! Lobster trap Christmas trees in Nova Scotia are a growing tradition with more popping up each year. From Barrington to Cape Breton they are a beautiful and colourful way to celebrate the holidays.

barrington lobster trap christmas tree Lobster Trap Christmas Trees in Nova Scotia

Origins of the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

As far as I can tell one of the first original lobster trap Christmas trees was built in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 2001. The eastern shore of North America on the Atlantic ocean from Connecticut, US to Newfoundland and Labrador is the best area in the world for lobster fishing. Cold water Atlantic lobster can’t be beat and lobster fishing is one of the prime industries in the area. The Gloucester Lobster trap Christmas tree has now inspired many more lobster trap Christmas trees all along the east coast. These lobster trap Christmas trees celebrate not just the holidays but also local fishing traditions, the fishing industry, community, and family as well as commemorating those lost at sea.

Lobster Trap Christmas Trees in Nova Scotia

Barrington, Nova Scotia's lobster trap Christmas tree

Cape Sable Island

The Municipality of Barrington, Nova Scotia created their first lobster trap Christmas tree in 2009 on Cape Sable Island. Initially made of lobster traps covered in tree boughs and large red ribbons. Their tree has changed over time and now stands a bit taller, uses newer metal lobster traps and features a bunch of buoys with lovely coloured lights. Many of the buoys on the Barrington lobster trap Christmas tree are in memoriam for those lost at sea or wishing well for other fisherman working the upcoming lobster fishing season. Anyone can add a buoy to the tree by contacting Suzy at the Barrington Municipality.

The Barrington Lobster Trap Christmas tree lighting is a community event where a bunch of people gather to see it take place. There are speeches from important people in the community, live music, hot chocolate, and a fireworks display that follows the lighting. The first lighting of the lobster trap tree for the season is always just a few days before lobster fishing season in that area begins on the last Monday of November.

Location: On Cape Sable Island just off the causeway at the North East Point Beach Gazebo & Boardwalk

Peggy's Cove lobster trap Christmas tree

Peggy’s Cove

Over the past couple of years the owners of the Sou’Wester restaurant and Gift Shop in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia have begun creating their own lobster trap Christmas tree. Made of 21 old wooden lobster traps and several buoys made to look like a star on top. The Peggy’s Cove Lobster Trap Christmas Tree sits just outside the restaurant and is a great photo opportunity for those also visiting the lighthouse. For 2023 their tree is being lit on December 3rd at 4:30pm, all are invited. There will be hot chocolate, cookies, Christmas carols and even a visit from Santa.

Location: Next to the Sou’ Wester Restaurant at 178 Peggys Point Rd, Peggys Cove

Lunenburg Lobster Trap Christmas Tree


For 2023 Lunenburg has not one, not two but three lobster trap Christmas trees. One of their lobster trap Christmas trees is a movie star this year too. It is featured in the new Hallmark Christmas movie “Christmas Island“. Located along the Lunenburg waterfront by the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic the Lunenburg lobster trap Christmas trees are lit during their Light Up Lunenburg Festival at the end of November each year. They are lit as part of the Lighting of the Vessels ceremony where a bunch of the boats along the wharf including the Bluenose II are lit up with holiday lights at the same time.

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Everyone gathers around, the town crier welcomes everyone and officially declares the holidays have begun and the boats and trees are lit. During the two day Light Up Lunenburg festival there are lots of other great events taking place from a craft market to Santa Claus parade, open house at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, tons of free activities and crafts for the kids, the chance to meet and get pictures with Santa, the lighting of the trees at the towns bandstand and more.

Location: On the Lunenburg waterfront next to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic at 68 Bluenose Dr, Lunenburg.

Dennis Point Lobster trap Buoy Tree

Dennis Point

The Dennis Point Lobster Buoy Christmas Tree might be one of the most unique and beautiful of all of the lobster related trees. It is made completely of buoys, and is so colourful and pretty in the daytime and at night. In 2023 the buoy tree was made of 827 buoys and 3,100 lights. The tree stands 27feet tall and overlooks the Dennis Point government wharf. The Dennis Point Christmas Lobster Buoy Tree gets lit each year at the end of November for the holiday season.

Location: At the Dennis Point Government wharf across the street from the Dennis Point Cafe at 214 Dennis Point Rd, Middle West Pubnico.

harbourville lobster trap christmas tree at the government fishing wharf at low tide bay of fundy


One of the newest community lobster trap Christmas trees is located in Harbourville, Nova Scotia in the Annapolis Valley along the Bay of Fundy. Located right next to the Harbourville Trading Antique Store at the government wharf. Harbourville is also a unique place to visit no matter the time of the year because it is one of the best spots to see the tidal difference of the Bay of Fundy. At low tide in Harbourville, Nova Scotia the lobster boats and other fishing boats at the wharf lay on the ocean floor waiting for the next high tide to raise them back up so the fishermen can get to work again.

The Harbourville Lobster Trap Christmas tree is covered in colourful lights, buoys, unique ornaments like a wood carved seagull and more. It is gorgeous to see in the day or night and should be added to your list when exploring the Annapolis Valley during the holidays.

Location: Next to the Fish Market in Harbourville at the government wharf located at 3283 Long Point Rd, Berwick.

Westport, Brier Island lobster trap christmas tree in memory of the late Roy Graham M.B.

image credit Amanda Graham daughter of Roy

Westport, Brier Island

One lobster trap Christmas tree that some people might not know about is located on Brier Island, Nova Scotia. Brier Island is the most famous spot for whale watching in Nova Scotia, however it is a bit out of the way to get to as you need to take two ferries to reach it. The lobster trap Christmas tree in Westport, Brier Island has been created every year since 2009 and is located right as you get off of the ferry. What makes it the most unique is that it is specifically dedicated in memory of the late Captain Roy Albert Graham M.B. and is created each year by his family.

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For the 2023 season it had to move locations but in 2024 it will be bigger and better than ever.

Location: Just past the Westport Ferry ramp.

eastern passage lobster trap christmas tree

image credit Kelly Lynn Henneberry

Eastern Passage

If you are visiting Halifax and looking for a lobster trap Christmas tree a bit closer to the city then you should visit Eastern Passage. Eastern Passage is home to a beautiful lobster trap Christmas tree made up of 100+ wooden lobster traps. Local fisherman Allan Henneberry has puts it together every year since 2013. The tree is located about 1.5km from the cove on Shore Road and is to honour those who make a living on the sea, and in memory of those who have lost their lives at sea. Nearby Fisherman’s Cove is also the perfect spot to do some holiday shopping. Made up of a bunch of cute fishing sheds turned shops full of great locally made art, products and tasty treats. Go for the lobster trap tree, stay for the shopping and to support local artists and creators.

Location: Shore Road in Eastern Passage 1.5km past Fishermans Cove along the boardwalk.

north sydney cape breton lobster trap christmas tree by emily dickson

image credit Emily Dickson

North Sydney, Cape Breton

Located at the North Sydney Ballast Grounds wharf in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is one of the provinces most northernly lobster trap Christmas trees. Made of 300 lobster traps and decorated with 1,300 colourful lights and a bunch of fishing buoys this is a huge tree to admire.

Location: 220 Commercial St, North Sydney

the sambro nova scotia lobster trap christmas tree at night fully lit in colorful lights outside of mishoos takeout

image credit Luba Petrtovici


The lobster trap Christmas tree in Sambro, Nova Scotia is one of the first to be lit of the year being lit on Sunday November 12th, 2023. Now in its second year the lighting of the tree has turned into a huge community event put on by the Sambro and Area Community Association. At the lighting event there are candy canes and hot chocolate for everyone. Donations are also accepted and go towards more community events. The public is also welcome to attach any buoys that they would like to the tree as an in memoriam for fishermen lost at sea and those community members who have passed on.

Location: Outside of Mishoo’s Takeout at 1 W Pennant Rd, Sambro

List of Lobster Trap Christmas Trees in Nova Scotia

There are many lobster trap Christmas trees all around Nova Scotia these days. We hope this lovely tradition continues and more and more appear. Aside from the lobster trap Christmas trees shared above you can also find them in Port Mouton, at the Sandy Point Lighthouse, in Toney River, and Musquodoboit Harbour. The one in Wallace, Nova Scotia can even be seen from their Wallace by the Sea webcam. Pugwash also has a lobster buoy tree similar to the Dennis Point Lobster Trap Christmas Buoy tree. In previous years they could also be found in Cheticamp, Gabarus, Port Maitland and East Pubnico as well. Lets hope they come back again soon.

  1. Cape Sable Island, Barrington
  2. Lunenburg
  3. Peggy’s Cove
  4. Dennis Point, Lower West Pubnico
  5. Harbourville, Berwick
  6. Westport, Brier Island
  7. Eastern Passage, Halifax
  8. North Sydney, Cape Breton
  9. Sambro, Halifax
  10. Port Mouton, Queens County
  11. Sandy Point, Shelburne
  12. Toney River, Pictou County
  13. Musquodoboit Harbour
  14. Wallace, Cumberland County
  15. Pugwash, Pictou County
  16. Cheticamp, Cape Breton
  17. Gabarus, Cape Breton
  18. Port Maitland, Yarmouth
  19. East Pubnico

I haven’t made it to all of the Nova Scotian Lobster Trap Christmas Trees yet, but I’m working on it. Special thanks to Pam Wamback and her Lady Loves Lobster Facebook page. She helped me learn about so many new ones this year as well. Happy exploring and Happy holidays to all!

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