Nova Scotia Travel During the Pandemic

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

As we pass two years of dealing with the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and it’s many variants people are wanting to start traveling again. To travel right now and to do so safely there are many different forms to fill out and rules to follow. Whether you are wanting to visit Nova Scotia or travel from Nova Scotia to elsewhere there are a few things you should know.

EDIT (March 3, 2022): As of February 28, 2022 vaccination cards are no longer required in Nova Scotia. As of March 21, 2022 all Covid-19 pandemic mandates are being lifted in Nova Scotia. However still following the advice in this article can be beneficial to your travels and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should still travel with masks and proof of vaccination in the case of changes or new variants.


This was first published in January 2022 and things are constantly changing. I am not a doctor, scientist, health professional or expert on any of this. All information is taken from my own experience/research. Be sure to follow all rules and regulations from the experts and do your own research. Be safe.

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How to Travel to Nova Scotia During the Covid Pandemic

The first thing you need to do to visit Nova Scotia right now during the covid pandemic is to fill out the Nova Scotia Safe Check-in form HERE. It is a simple form with basic questions. Once approved you will be emailed a safe check-in number. You need to provide your Nova Scotia safe check-in number for any flights or border crossings into the province. This form is for all travellers including Nova Scotian residents.

While in Nova Scotia you of course need to obey by our government rules and wear masks when required, social distance and maintain small gathering limits, etc. To learn everything you need to know about the pandemic and current rules in Nova Scotia click HERE.

Currently to travel by plane in Canada you must be vaccinated. You must also be vaccinated to eat indoors and attend various indoor events in Nova Scotia. You will be asked to show proof of vaccine and identification before entering everywhere that you go. Some exemptions to this rule include the malls, grocery shopping and picking up takeout food.

If you are travelling by land to Nova Scotia and are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated there are various testing and quarantining rules that you must follow. Lastly if you are traveling to Nova Scotia from outside of Canada there are many other rules you must follow as well including various testing before you travel and downloading the ArriveCan app. Find out more HERE.

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How to Travel From Nova Scotia During the Covid Pandemic

Depending on where you are going you most likely will need to fill out an application to travel to your destination. Google the appropriate country or provinces government website to find the correct information. If you are leaving Nova Scotia for a trip you will also need to fill in the Nova Scotia Safe Check-in form to return home. You can find it HERE. If you are traveling internationally you will also need to be tested and get the ArriveCan app as well as follow other regulations to return again. Find out about the correcting test you need and more HERE.

Click below for quick access to the appropriate information and forms for Atlantic Canadian destinations:

New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island


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Traveling Through the Halifax Stanfield Airport During the Pandemic

Due to social distancing and other safety measures being taken during the Covid pandemic it is currently suggested that you arrive to the airport earlier than normal in case there are any issues. A week before your flight make sure that you have the appropriate documentation/approvals for the destination you are flying to as well as your proof of vaccination. A lot of this information will be required to check in for your flight. You will need to provide it again at the airport when you depart and arrive at your destination.

You can have this information on your phone but I’d recommend printing it out if you can. That way you have fast access to it and you also avoid other people needing to touch your phone. This includes your boarding pass as well.

Put your mask on before entering the airport and wear a N95 or KN95 if possible. After you check your bags head to security like normal. The process is fairly smooth and similar to like it was pre-pandemic. At security show your boarding pass and ID then go through the screening. Keep back from other passengers and frequently use the hand sanitizer provided everywhere.

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In the gate area at the Halifax airport there are fewer options available for food than usual but it is probably best to avoid eating around crowds right now anyway. When sitting near your gate be sure to also keep you distance and pay attention to the signs in the seating area. Keep a distance from people while boarding and know that you will need to pull your mask down for the gate agents to see your face with your ID as you board. Once on the plane take the provided wipes and mask given to you by the flight crew as you get on. While flying keep your mask on at all times and avoid eating and drinking if you can.

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Arriving at the Halifax Airport

Upon arrival to Nova Scotia on a flight at the Halifax airport you will need to provide your NS safe check-in number. There will also be people standing by to provide you with take home rapid testing kits. These people are also available to answer any questions you might have. Leave your mask on until you exit the airport. If you are taking a taxi or public transit to the city you must also wear your mask at all times.

Visit the Halifax Stanfield International Airports website for more information HERE.

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Tips for Traveling During the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Traveling during the pandemic can definitely make people feel uneasy and anxious. However take comfort in knowing that many people feel this way as well and that it will be ok, things will get better. This pandemic will end. The number one tip to make it easier and safer to travel right now during the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is to get vaccinated and get a booster shot. This is easier for some to do than others. Also not everyone has access nor can they get it for health reasons. However if you can, get them as soon as possible.

My next tip for traveling during the pandemic is to be prepared. Wear a good quality mask and bring extras with you in case of delay. It’s better to have more masks than not enough. Also as you travel try to avoid eating and drinking around other people. As you move around touching door handles and other things be sure to sanitize your hands frequently. Carry your own bottle of travel sized hand sanitizer with you or bring disinfectant wipes. Also don’t forget to disinfect your phone when possible as well.

Lastly have patience. Everyone is going through a hard time right now and things are going to take longer than normal. Know ahead that you will probably have to wait in more lines. Also know that everything you are used to might be different or not available. But have patience and you will make it to your destination safe and sound.

Have you travelled during the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic? Share your experiences and tips below!

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