A Day At The Sensea Nordic Spa

Last Updated on February 22, 2021

The Sensea Nordic Spa in Chester, is the first Nordic Spa in Nova Scotia. Opened January 1, 2020 the spa offers a unique spa experience unlike any around. They offer everything from saunas, to hammam’s, salt scrubs, massages, facials, outdoor plunge pools of various temperatures and more. The Sensea Spa offers you an amazing experience whether you spend a couple hours there or the whole day. Here are some of the best tips for a day at the Sensea Nordic Spa in Chester, Nova Scotia.

the outdoor cold and hot pools at the sensea nordic spa in chester nova scotia

How do you experience the Sensea Nordic Spa?

The Sensea Nordic Spa is all about hydro and thermal therapy. The goal is to heat yourself up, cool yourself down, then relax and repeat. You can do this in various ways by mixing up the sauna experiences, enjoying an Aufguss ritual, and using the hammam (scented steam rooms), then enjoying the outdoor pools. If you are looking for a thrill be sure to also stand under one of the cold shower buckets and pull the string to dump it on your head. But remember that this is supposed to be a relaxing spa so try not to scream and scare the other guests.

In between cycles make sure you take time to relax by a fire pit or lay in a hammock in the woods by the lake. Be sure to also visit the Relaxation and Snack Bar yurt for a drink and bite to eat.

Don’t over do it and be sure to drink lots of fluids during your time at the spa. Glasses of water are free and plentiful.

the aufguss master at the aufguss ritual in the Scandinavia sauna at the sensea nordic spa

What is the Aufguss Ritual in the Sauna?

Aside from enjoying the sauna on your own, every couple of hours in the Scandinavian Sauna they also offer an Aufguss Ritual. When you hear the gong you know the next ritual is about to begin. The Aufguss Ritual consists of natural essential oils, snowballs and water being poured onto the heat stones adding the sense of smell to the sauna experience. There is an Aufguss master that controls the oils and stones, as well as the theme and scents of the experience. They also chose music to go with the ritual. The Aufguss master then does a dance with a large towel moving in certain ways to agitate the air and bring the warmth closer to you. It is quite a unique and enjoyable experience.

The Aufguss Ritual lasts about 10-15 minutes. You are free to leave at any time and the lower you sit in the sauna the cooler you will be. So if you get to warm just move down a step if you are sitting up higher.

Aside from the guided Aufugss Rituals they also offer included 20 minute nature yoga sessions in the forest by the lake as well.

a barrel sauna and cold shower buckets

How much time should you spend at the Sensea Nordic Spa?

Most likely you will want to spend at least two hours at the Sensea Nordic Spa in Chester to give you enough time to experience everything and to relax. More realistically to really enjoy it you might to stay 3-4hours or even the whole day. Take the time to really enjoy your spa day in Chester.

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wearing a warm fluffy robe and mask at the sensea nordic spa

What should you bring with you to the Sensea Nordic Spa?

If you are visiting the Sensea Nordic Spa you should be sure to bring with you your bathing suit, as it is not a nudist friendly location. Other items that you might want to consider bringing are sunglasses, a toque in the winter months, sunscreen in the summer months, and footwear that is easy to slip on and off. If you have a robe it might be a good idea to bring it as well for when you are walking around the Spa. The spa also has the most comfortable robes available that fit all sizes to rent for $8. They also offer sandals for $12 to wear around the spa that you get to keep afterwards.

amenities available at the sensea nordic spa

What amenities does the Sensea Nordic Spa offer?

Aside from all of the spa amenities like the pools, and saunas the Sensea Spa also offers smaller amenities that make your experience even better. All towels are included with your visit, soaps in the showers, a lotions bar with various smelling lotions for you to use, hair dryers, hair elastics, and more. They also have a great food and drink menu available as well.

When you arrive at the Sensea Nordic Spa you will also be provided with a rubber wrist band that connects to a locker that is yours for the day. The wrist band can also be connected to your account so you can charge your drinks and food to it so there is no reason to carry a wallet or purse around with you on property. Your items can be charged to your credit card on file or you can pay with debit as you leave.

a smoked salmon sandwich and glass of tidal bay at the sensea nordic spa relaxation yurt

Enjoy the Relaxation and Snack Bar Yurt

Starting at 12pm each day you can go to the relaxation and snack bar yurt next to the outdoor pools to grab a bite to eat or drink. They offer a couple of sandwich and small salad options as well as kombucha, sparkling water, beer, wine and ciders. Then enjoy your drink and snack inside the yurt in a comfy chair by the fire or take it outside to the deck overlooking the lake.

They also have gluten free and vegan options available. Outside food and drink is not permitted.

the private massage pod yurts at the sensea nordic spa in chester nova scotia

What spa services are offered at the Sensea Nordic Spa?

The spa employs both aestheticians and registered massage therapists that you can book spa treatments with. Treatments available are head to toe massages, couples massages, facials, Swedish and deep tissue massages as well as hot stone massages. The spa treatments tend to book up quickly especially for the weekend appointments so be sure to book in advance. All spa treatments also include a day pass to the spa for that day as well as a robe rental.

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All spa treatments cost between $120 – $140 before tax and the couples massage starts at $250.

What are the Sensea Nordic Spa Hours?

The Sensea Nordic Spa is open every day of the year during all types of weather. The spa is open Mon-Thurs from 10am to 7pm and 10am to 9pm Fri-Sat. You must book your day pass starting at a specific time, so the longer you would like to stay the earlier you should book your spa pass.

The least busy times at the Sensea Nordic Spa are Monday to Thursday and daily after 4pm.

hammocks to relax in by the lake in the woods at the sensea nordic spa

What are the Sensea Nordic Spa prices?

A day pass to the Sensea Nordic Spa costs $57.50 with a 48 hour cancellation policy. Gift cards can also be bought and are a great idea for a present for a loved one.

It is highly recommended to book your spa day pass in advance. You can do so on their website HERE.

Who can go to the Sensea Nordic Spa?

The Sensea Nordic Spa is open to all ages 16+.

To learn more visit their site Sensea.ca or find the Sensea Nordic Spa on Instagram HERE.

a double room at the oak island resort and conference center hotel near the sensea nordic spa

Where can you stay nearby?

The Sensea Nordic Spa is located in the village of Chester. There aren’t any hotels in Chester however there is the Mecklenburgh Inn B&B and the nearby Gray Gables Bed & Breakfast. The closest hotel to stay in is the Oak Island Resort just a 17min drive away. You will also find many adorable seaside AirBnBs in the area as well.

In the future the Sensea Nordic Spa will also be offering onsite accommodations in yurts also known as dream cocoons.

a site map for the sensea nordic spa in chester nova scotia

How do you get to the Sensea Nordic Spa?

The Sensea Nordic Spa’s address is 40 Sensea Road in Chester, Nova Scotia. Drive the 103 highway from Halifax then take exit 7 for Chester. Head into Chester turning right onto Old Trunk 3 road at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. Turn left on Target Hill Road and follow the signs to the spa, turning slightly left on to Sensea Road.

To learn more about how to spend a day at the Sensea Nordic Spa in Chester, Nova Scotia watch this vlog of a day there:

Have you been to the Sensea Nordic Spa? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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Special thanks to the Sensea Nordic Spa for having me. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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  • Jana July 7, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    I’ve been there and loved it. My favourite was the eucalyptus steam room. I definitely would plan for the day. I have celiac and there was a limit selection of food so I would encourage anyone to bring a snack!